Where I'm From
by Heidi Lee Emmerton-Leathers

 creative-writing  personal-narrative  poetry

I am from the country
From the farm and the fields.

I am from running bare foot in the grass.
Green, cool, and wet tickling my feet.

I am from getting up at Dawn
Going to Bed at Dusk.

I am from a broken home.
To a new home with a loving family.

I am from Drag cars on quarter-mile track.
The smell of Grease, and rubber burning.

I am from Working hard every day.
To a Loving Mom of 5, watching
Them laugh and play.

I am from the strong women in my past.
That made me the who I am today and gave
Me the strength to go on every day.

I am from Irish, Indian Heritage.
I am proud of what I am


Belfast Maine

August 30, 2010