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Lesbians and the Death Penalty: Comments from 'Race, Class, Gender and the PIC'
by Joey L. Mogul

In this panel presentation, that occurred as a part of Voices in Time, Lives in Limbo, People’s Law Office attorney Joey Mogul provides troubling examples of the manipulation of gender stereotypes by prosecutors in order to sentence women to death. As 40% of women on death row are or have been accused of being a lesbian, Mogul offers a compelling argument regarding how the defeminization and consequent dehumanization of women defendants can lead to harsher sentences.

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The California Prison Focus Dignity for Women Prisoners Campaign
by Sara Olson

Since the looming demise of male searches became public knowledge here, male guards have been doing them more than ever. Guards who rarely search much now command, “Hey, get over here! Let me pat you down.” Why? Because they can. A virtual concentration-camp system has materialized in California and elsewhere, out in the middle of nowhere, erecting these prisons out of sight and out of mind.

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Silent Rage
by Patricia Wright

Patricia tells how she survived domestic violence in her marriage and then was later convicted of hiring someone to kill her ex-husband.

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