Patricia Wright


Patricia Wright is a survivor of martial abuse 17 years after her ex-husband’s murder she was arrested and charged with the crime. She is now serving time in Central California Women’s Facility State Prison. This is a testimony of a one woman’s struggle for justice and freedom from a wrongful conviction.

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Silent Rage
by Patricia Wright

Patricia tells how she survived domestic violence in her marriage and then was later convicted of hiring someone to kill her ex-husband.

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Living Conditions Here in the CCWF
by Patricia Wright

This article tells of the unfair treatment, unsanitary, and overcrowding living conditions of CCWF and how the inmates are forced to live in these conditions. California has the largest female institution in America and it is still overcrowded. The overcrowdings of the institution leads to daily fights, unsanitary chow halls, and a exhausted staff to run the institution.

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