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Being an Inmate
by Tammica L. Summers

Being an inmate takes everything you have! It’s like having an out of body experience in which “you’ must come out of yourself and use all manner of determination, self-preservation, sacrifice, compromise, strength, and extreme measure of self-discipline to will yourself to do what is required…to will yourself into being an inmate.

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by Chrissy DeStefano

I lost my son right out the hospital when he was born for being addicted to drugs. So because the father and I were addicted to drugs we started robbing people’s houses for money and etc. for the drugs. Now we lost both kids, one to the state and one to my parents, and we’re facing 3+ years in prison. There’s more to the story but this pretty much explains it. Thanks!

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Who Decides
by Mary Moran

In this poem, Mary asks the hard questions who decides your justice, who decides your fate?

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Where I'm From
by Heidi Lee Emmerton-Leathers

My poem is about my life, how it started, how it was and how it is now. To show that no matter what you can come back from the past. This poem was modeled after the original “Where I’m From” poem by George Ella Lyon.

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The World Within You
by Rebecca Seiber

I am held captive this moment in time but, one day, I’ll be free seeing to this rhyme.

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by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

This poem has been an inspiration for Deanna Lynd, an aspiring writer/journalist and survivor of the prison industry.

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My Son’s Birthday
by Deanna Lynd

In this poem Deanna talks about her son whom she gave birth to while incarcerated. She speaks of the heartache and pain of being separated from your child at birth.

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My Cell
by Melissa

I wrote this early in the morning sitting alone in my cell contemplating my sentence.

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by Denise Lopez

In this poem Denise talks about imprisonment and being free. Are we only imprisoned while incarcerated or is it in the mind.

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Feeling the Inside
by Rebecca Seiber

When it found truth was simply what was made of life. It doesn’t matter how it started or where it ends. It only matters that you refrain from disliking your won being and spirit. The command solution is to become materialistic, idolizing color, shape and size. Materialistic stamina becomes the utmost important factor of life when one cannot admire and respect their own being.

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Confinement After Midnight
by Deanna Land

In this poem Deanna talks about the confinements of prison life. She speaks on a personal level of doing her time. She is very creative in her description this is a very compelling poem.

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Consider this... Quit Yelling at Statues!
by Deborah Nicholls

Nicholls continues her poetry series, Consider this writing about the challenges of forgiving yourself.

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A Blessing of the Tongue
by Adalina Pineda

In this poem, Adalina gives her views of the death penalty.

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