by Denise Lopez

 creative-writing  poetry  prison-life

Dreaming of being free
I walk around seeing
Clouds, birds, and planes
But am I free?

Am I really free?
Do I want the American dream?
Or do I have a dream of my own?
Can I create a dream of my own?
A marriage of ups and downs
Twists and turns
But bliss and joy everlasting
A home, beautifully furnished
I mean a big home
3 – 4 bedrooms
2 ½ baths
Garage, basement
Pool in the yard
Created and designed by me
Do I dare wish for that?
All that?
What about my peers, my friends?
They think about it, but don’t dream
About it
I don’t know if they never talk about it.
Maybe they don’t feel free to dream
But if my peers and My friends Aren’t free
Am I?
Travel once maybe two times a year
I feel indulged, liberated, released
To see more but
My friends only smile and wish
They say they would if they could
But they can
They just don’t
I tell them information is free
I get it all the time
But they’re locked in their minds, hearts
Bodies and wallets
They’re not free, so am I?
I feel like it costs me
When I spread free knowledge
That people step over to run to traditions
Rituals, and routines that keep them in bondage
And it’s everywhere
They lack education
Which helps get a good career, not just a job
To get a home, a car, and accessories
That makes family life all the more pleasant
Education is free, at least I think it is
The more I learn, the freer I feel
But the freer I feel Makes my people appear imprisoned
Shackled by ignorance
Lack of wisdom
Deceit, defeat, free education
Which seems to make some dumber
And my children my students
Like to follow the trend
Dumb and dumber
Can I set a record?
So the children aren’t free and
If they aren’t free, how in the world
Can I be free?
Not free in the past
Not free in the present
And the future looks dim
I hope the Lord rains down some wisdom
‘Cause I like my freedom
And I don’t see it
Letting situations, circumstances, people
Everything but the freedom we have to rise
Shine and give God the glory
Each day and every day
For I am free
And so I want you to be