Introduction to Poetry Book
by Sonya West

…So I wrote this book of poems to let you know

that everyone has been through something,

So everyone has a story to tell.

Yours may be different than mine, but someone

out there is suffering through this.

And someone needs to hear it.

I am so blessed to give it to you through  my book.

As you read this book, I pray that you find yourself in here

And I pray that this book will help restore, cleanse, deliver,

Strengthen, free, heal, and change your life forever, Amen.

I also pray this book bring you joy in the morning, peace in the storm,

and hope until tomorrow and strengthen you in faith.

Just hold on to God’s unchanging hand. No matter what you suffer

It will come to pass just keep holding on. He’s always on time.

I pray this book will uplift and give every blind eye the sight to

see. You have not because you ask not. Cry to God he’s waiting.

I pray that my book would be a blessing to you, because you

are a blessing to me by reading it. So hold on, have faith, be strong.

Fret not—God loves you.

Faint not—God holds you.

Fear not—God keeps you.

Have a blessed day Amen