The World Within You
by Rebecca Seiber

 creative-writing  personal-narrative  poetry

Oh, the tempting skies; so subtle and calm,
The earth, you shadow within your eyes
Your mountains are alive upon a drifting sea,
Your smile a wave that is everlasting to me.

I am held captive this moment in time.
But one day I’ll be free, seeing to this rhyme.
Then I will cradle your warmth and smells,
And I will hold you to me as your wave swells,

I will steady the stars that wish to fall.
While I caress your moon, above us all.
The fire that flickers and snaps its speech
Will be tamed to a cool breeze at your feet.

And all the sands that stand against the waves
Will fall away, separately, when I behold your gaze
For all of this… Mother earth and father sky,
Sands and storms… stars on high
I will cherish you from deep within
Because that is where true love really begins.


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