by Chrissy DeStefano

 poetry  prison-life

Outside my cell

I listen to the females yell

Their words are so strong

Of what they have done wrong

We all have something to say

On how we all came in here today

Some of us don’t remember

Some of us rather not be a member

Many of us can say we’ve been down this road

Most of us can say that we didn’t listen to what was told

I can tell you my story from the beginning to the end

Would scare anyone away from being its friend

It would make anybody including my enemy cry

All my life all I ever wanted to know was why

Locked up all my life is what I’ve been

Behind walls on the outside or on the in

The in of my inside

From the world I always tried to hide

From the hatred, confusion of the things I’ve seen or have done

I wanted to escape from the feelings I’ve felt of being alone

I try to fit in to feel and look cool

By doing drugs that made me look like a fool

For doing ridiculous crime

Which made me do a lot of time

So here I am sitting outside my cell

Looking to myself saying why us females always have to yell

Was my life really supposed to end up like this

With a smile and a tear in my eye I’m gonna end my story saying it is what it is.


August 22, 2010