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Tammica L. Summers “I am 34 y.o. (but I look 24!). I’m 4’11”, 120 lbs., Petite, Sweet, and Single! I was raised in Florida, but have traveled all over the world. I am a college graduate and was a civilian until I was 30. I’m very open-minded, creative, articulate, and eclectic and I have been writing (essays, book reports, letters, poems, short stories) since grade school.” Tammica is currently incarcerated at Broward Correctional Institution in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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Being an Inmate
by Tammica L. Summers

Being an inmate takes everything you have! It’s like having an out of body experience in which “you’ must come out of yourself and use all manner of determination, self-preservation, sacrifice, compromise, strength, and extreme measure of self-discipline to will yourself to do what is required…to will yourself into being an inmate.

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World of the Forgotten
by Tammica L. Summers

Summers shares her reflection on life in prison.

 prison-life  prison-industrial-complex

Without Regret
by Tammica L. Summers

Summers lives her life without doubt and has hope for the future. endures the anguishing wait.

 personal-narrative  prison-life  reentry

Ready to Go
by Tammica L. Summers

Summers shares her pain in waiting to be released from prison.

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by Tammica L. Summers

Summers is getting closer to life on the outside of prison and she endures the anguishing wait.

 personal-narrative  prison-life  reentry

Dehumanization Resistance
by Tammica L. Summers

Summers stays true to who she is in prison.

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Another Day Series
by Tammica L. Summers

In this series of poems, Summers describes everyday prison life from a personal point of view. Fifteen separate poems discuss different aspects of daily life inside the walls, covering a broad range of emotions.

 mental-health  personal-narrative  poetry  prison-life  prison-industrial-complex