by Tammica L. Summers

 personal-narrative  prison-life  reentry

Freedom would be nice
It’s only 3 ½ years away
To get there is going to take a sacrifice
Every single day.

It’s whispering softly in my ear
Enticing me to hold on
Images of freedom take me out of here
And motivate me to be strong.

Do that which I think I cannot do.
Breathe and don’t even blink.
Just force myself through.

Freedom is all I live for
The chance to start my life over again
I’m not the same person anymore
I’ve destroyed the wheel, which used to spin.

Freedom so close
Yet so far off in the distance
Freedom has go me fighting for a dose
Thus I endure this miserable existence!

I’ve come to many crossroads
And didn’t know which was to turn
I’ve carried many heavy loads
Because freedom is a gift I’ve had to earn.

This place is getting old
And it doesn’t get any better with time
Living life is in my soul
And sweet freedom is on my mind!