Ready to Go
by Tammica L. Summers

 health  personal-narrative  prison-life  reentry

I shake my head in disgust
And spit at defeat
My world is like rust
My life I incomplete.

I take a deep breath
There’s not much else I can do
This place is bad for my health
These people are too!

I wish I was somewhere else
Rather than this zoo
I take a long hard look at myself
And what I’ve been through.

I dumbfounded
There’s only a fog in my brain
I’m surrounded
By conditions, which are inhumane.

By sheer will
I hold onto my senses
I try to resist the supernatural kill
By keeping up my defenses.

Under precarious circumstances
Is how I’m forced to live
Taking chances
Is my only alternative.

Tears have long since been subdued
My waters have run dry
I just might come unglued
As I start to cry.

Time is suffocating
My flow
I’m tired of waiting
I’m ready to go!