Chesa Boudin


Chesa Boudin has been awarded 2003 Rhodes Scholarships for study at Oxford University. A native of Chicago, Illinois, Boudin majors in history and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. A student of Latin American development, Boudin spent his junior year at the Universidad de Chile as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and has volunteered in community service projects in Guatemala and Chile as well as at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Boudin, whose parents have been incarcerated since he was 14 months old, has spoken around the country about the problems facing children of prison inmates. He has worked as a tutor, translator, interpreter and disc jockey. In a 2001 worldwide competition, he was named Goldman Sachs Global Leader for his outstanding leadership and public service. His published papers include “The Memoir of a Man Who Overcame a Bleak Past and Found a Bright Future” (Chicago Tribune Book Review) and “In Prison Again” ( He is at work on an autobiographical memoir.

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From Jail to Yale
by Chesa Boudin

In this first person narrative, Chesa Boudin writes about the fate of children with incarcerated parents and also reflects on the experiences he and a close friend shared growing up with incarcerated parents. While talking about the real life effects of incarceration on family life, Boudin looks at the different paths that he and his childhood friend took in response to their situation.

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