Gina Autrey


Gina Autrey was born in a small town in South Carolina. She grew up in a loving home, with her parents and her sister. Throughout her childhood, she was never problematic or in any trouble; she was an honor student at a private Christian school from grades six through twelve. She got married at eighteen and started her family soon after. So, how did this good, wholesome, caring mother of two end up in prison? this is the story of one woman’s painful journey from the lowest depths of imprisonment to a life of renewed determination and independence. She found within herself the strength to overcome the betrayal and abandonment by those whom she thought she could love and trust. she rose from the depths of imprisonment to become an independent, hard working, loving mother who still takes the time to help and encourage those who are incarcerated. She has become an advocate for those who are too afraid to speak up for themselves and a friend to those in need.

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Excerpt from Banished Pride
by Gina Autrey

I have a hard time trusting others. My friendship is not something that is given freely. I can count on one hand the people who I truly consider to be my friend.

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