Jenni Fagan


Jenni Fagan is a Scottish poet/novelist based in London. Her poetry collection 'Urchin Belle' was released in the UK and New Zealand. Her recent collection 'The Dead Queen of Bohemia' won 3AM Poetry Book of the Year 2010. Jenni is published in the UK, USA, Istanbul, New Zealand, Paris, India, and Europe. In 2010, she created a large steel word sculpture - The Scolds Bridle. This was an arts/word installation collaboration adorned with poetry and thoughts from women in prison in the UK and USA. Jenni has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is currently finishing her second novel.

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The Scold’s Bridle: Alternative Publishing via Political Art
by Jenni Fagan

In the following words and images, Jenni Fagan examines the connections between the scold’s bridle and contemporary incarceration practices that deny women in prison the right to speak. She not only reveals that conditions faced by incarcerated women in the UK and US today mirror the torture endured by women in early modern Europe, but also illustrates the potential for change.