Pilar Maschi


Pilar Maschi, is the Former Prisoner and Family Coordinator of Critical Resistance. She is a former prisoner who is a single parent and lives in the South Bronx. Pilar founded a political education program in a drug recovery center for women and their children, where she once was a client. Pilar is currently obtaining her AA degree as a video student at Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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Forms of Resistance to the Prison-Industrial Complex
by Pilar Maschi

In Maschi’s opening statement from a panel discussion that occured as a part of 2004’s Voices in Time, Lives in Limbo installation in Chicago, she discusses her work with Critical Resistance and her understanding of various forms of resistance to mass incarceration. Maschi also challenges the Therapeutic Community model of recovery, arguing that recovery is a collective process that includes multiple forms of resistance to a society that does not benefit poor, queer, or indigenous people, people of color, or immigrants.

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