Can’t I Have a Dream
by Sonya West

No  more troubles, heartaches, or pain, in this world,

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls.

No neglecting, hurting, or abusing young kids,

No blaming others for what you did.

No raping girls at an early age,

No prostituting just to get paid,

No going to funerals on sunny days.

No killing drug addicts because they don’t pay,

No one’s running off with drug packs,

No body in fear watching their backs.

No body being held at gun point,

No body going to the joint.

No body around here committing crimes,

No body around here doing time.

No moms and dads fighting with each other,

No children running around killing one another.

No blacks against whites,

No gangbangers starting fights.

No whites against the blacks,

No one’s having asthma attacks.

No one is walking around with a frown,

No high blood pressure around.

No one’s suffering from T.B.,

No one’s dying from H.I.V.

No one’s falling down any stairs,

No one’s riding in wheelchairs.

No one’s playing survival,

No one’s pronounce dead on arrival.

No one’s being put in the ground,

No undertakers around.

Everyone is having so much fun,

Dr. King had a dream, can I have one.

I may sound strange although it may seem,

This is my stuff can I have a dream.