Not Knowing
by Shanna Lemiux-Taylor

As I sit so lonely and cold

Lost in my thoughts

Not knowing where to go


So I ask myself

What happened, why me?


At one point I had hopes and dreams

Instead shattered by choices that led

To bars and chains


I feel every bit of hurt and sadness

Flowing through my veins


In Darkness, stuck is how I feel

All this build up, without knowing

How to deal.


So much hidden pain

Tucked deep down inside

Wanting to scream, but I have my pride


My life has taken me through

Nothing but obstacles

Never a rest

Always a new experience

And a new test.


I sometimes see crazy and want to say


Where are you going, all I want

Is to hide

Almost there,

Wait a minute, something just grabbed

Me, pulled me back…

Reality, oh yeah, here I sit

Still lonely, still cold without knowing

Where to go


Tired and Drained

When does it End?


My appetite for success

Poisonous and lethal

If bitten now, would I die

And see through the peephole?


All I live for now are

Images and Memories


Wishing it was all a bad dream

Not knowing how much more I can


But yet, here I sit still waiting

For that date.